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Energy-efficient lighting solutions

Commercial Lighting Solutions

LED technology has quickly taken over the lighting industry. With so many options to choose from, we have done the due diligence for you, providing exclusively high-quality, commercial-grade solutions. We only offer products that are approved by Energy Star or the Design Lights Consortium (DLC)

Rebates & incentives

In an effort to move towards a more energy-efficient future, government agencies, utility agencies, and other entities offer various incentives, cash rebates, and tax deductions to promote a greener future. We at Polaris LED are experts in maximizing these offers in order to decrease the burden of your capital investment. With these programs in place, our customers are seeing ROIs OF LESS THAN ONE YEAR!

On-bill financing

In areas where electricity has been deregulated, Polaris LED offers a solution that does not require a large capital investment. With results that keep your cash flows greater than your investment,our engineering team will forecast your monthly savings from our energy upgrades, and make sure that your monthly savings are greater than your monthly installment!